How to remove liver spots

by admin on June 20, 2012

When you get to a certain age liver spots become reality for most people. These brown spots on the face, hands and skin are unwanted arrivals on the skin and for many and getting rid of them as quickly as possible becomes top priority. As for prevention it is important to wear high factor sunscreen but here we will discuss the best ways to fade and eventually completely remove this skin discolorations.

Unfortunately the market is flooded with ways to remove liver spots, and as with most in the cosmetics industry there are the good and the damn right dangerous. Certainly laser surgery is a popular choice however, it is expensive and for many does not provide a permanent cure. More popular however, are skin lightening creams which there is a vast amount to choose from. There has been some publicity about the chemicals used in these creams, most notably hydroquinone which has been known to make pigmentation worse and there are some worries that it may cause cancer.

It is therefore imperative that you choose a skin cream that is safe and has a good track record in removing liver spots on face and skin. The one cream that fits the bill for us is Melarderm pigment reducing complex.

Merladerm pigmentation reducing complex is produced by the award winning company civiant skin care and has helped countless people fade brown  spots on face, melasma and liver spots for years.  The company is commited to safetey with it’s creams containing no mercury, hydrquinone and steroids. Instead it uses an array of natural pigment reducing ingredients such as bearberry extract, mulberry extract, and alpha arbutin.

Reduction of liver spots is generally see within two weeks after using the cream twice a day. Clinical studies can be found on it’s website. The company also offers a 30 day money back guarantee, giving you the opportunity to try the cream and see if it works for you.

Whenever trying to remove liver spots it is important to discuss with your doctor your options and research fully on the best treatments for yourself . Pigmentation is a complex issue and there is no universal cure although there are some treatments that are generally more effective than others and our research shows that meladerm is in the top category for fixing these issues.

Along with wearing a high factor suncreen during the summer months, in order to prevent further appearances of dark patches on the skin, a healthy diet is also imperative. Also one of the many health risks of smoking is skin problems and therefore it is advisory to top quit if you want a blemish free skin.

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