Age Spots On Face

by admin on December 16, 2010

Age Spots On Face: How Do You Get Rid Of Them?

The presence of Age Spots on Face is a problem which many have to deal with. Although this may be considered as a relatively harmless condition, having these spots on you will not really be helpful, aesthetically speaking.

Causes Of Age Spots On Face

The main causes of age spots are genetics and a rise in the level of Melanin. For those who do not know, Melanin is actually the pigment which defines and creates skin tone – and the more exposure that you have under the heat of the sun, the more will its level increase.

Take note that though these spots may be called “age spots” it does not necessarily mean that only the older people will experience it. Younger people have also been found to be affected with these spots – however, their presence is more common among people at the ages of 40 years old and above.

Aside from Age Spots on Face, these spots may also be found in other parts of the body, such as neck, hands and other areas which are usually exposed to the sun.

How To Get Rid Of Age Spots

Fortunately, there are numerous ways of lessening the presence of these spots. However, one of the most important is to do some reading about it. Knowing about its causes will provide you with the best means of preventing it.

There are home remedies which have been found to be quite effective against these Age Spots on Face. There are the natural remedies, such as castor oil, onion juice and lemon juice – ingredients that are commonly found in the house but have been found to be effective home remedies as well.

Beware Of Hydroquinone

Now, there are also the conventional medicines which promise to provide you with the treatment that you may be looking for. However, it is best to look on the ingredients as some skin whitening creams contain ingredients that may cause side effects. Beware of creams that contain hydroquinone. This substance is common in a lot of skin whitening creams in the US but has been banned in the E.U due to evidence suggesting that the chemical may be a carcegen or cancer causing chemical.

==<Meladerm – The No1 Recommendation For Age Spots On Face>==

Meladerm won the 2005 Science Award for best over the counter skin whitening cream and is a popular choice for those who want to get rid of age spots. It contains natural ingredients that have been rigorously tested and have shown to diminish the appearance of age spots within a few weeks.

Meladerm can be used for various skin conditions such as acne scars, malasma, brown spots on face, age spots on face and birthmarks.

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